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I would like to set the range for a 3d plot.  For a 2d plot, I understand I can do it at the command line or by setting the axes properties after the plot's been drawn.

If I use plot3d(x*y, x=-10..10, y=-10..10) for example, how can I look at those parts of the surface for which -2 < xy < 2 for example?  I'd be happier with a command line option than a gui option but really anything would do.


many thanks!


I'm trying to plot multiple inequality conditions such as

n/2 < m < 6-n  if 0 < n < 1/2


m >= n/2 if 1/2 < n < 3 .

I tried to do it by creating two plots via inequal and then using "display", which is what Tadashiito did here:

Hi, Is there some way to get maple to replace "arctan(sin(theta)/cos(theta))" with theta? I know that it doesn't always equal theta :-) but I'm switching to and fro and to and fro, between cartesian and polar coordinates and... As a consenting adult, I'd like maple to trust me to be able to keep track of things myself. I tried "assume(theta > 0, theta less than Pi/2)" and that didn't help. (Note: I really used the "less than" symbol but for some reason this post gets cut off by that symbol so I wrote it out...) I also tried "convert(arctan(sin(theta)/cos(theta)),trig)" and "simplify(arctan(sin(theta)/cos(theta)),trig)".
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