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@tomleslie I understand your comment.

@Rouben Rostamian  Thank you for the reply.  I appreciate it.  Matt

@Rouben Rostamian  Thank you for your kind reply.  Message received.  Matt


@Carl Love Thanks again Carl.  Your corrections and knowledge are useful.


@Kitonum Thank you Kitonum.  This makes a small step forward for me.

@Carl Love Thanks Carl and all those who have responded so far.  I appreciate the expertise that you have with this Maple tool.  And I learned something.  I was able to apply the 'rsolve' command successfully.





Hi all,

Thank you for all the kind replies regarding this Maple computer code.




@acer Thank you for writing this code.  I have submitted it to the Online Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences, specifically Let me know if you want credit for writing the Maple code.

Okay, this question is already answered.  My only advice is to try -


This is the greatest common denominator, and it simplifies the expression somewhat.

For what its worth.


@Kitonum Hi Kitonium, thank you for taking the time to modify your Maple code for me.  I was able to compile it.  Regards, Matt

@Kitonum Hi there,  Thank you for taking the time to write 2 procedures.  I appreciate that.  Unfortunately, I only have Maple  17, and was unable to run the code.  See attachments - 


Again, thanks.


I am pretty sure that an integer has an odd number of divisors if and only if that integer is a square.


@Carl Love Hi Carl.  Thank you for your useful suggestion.



@Carl Love Thanks for the comment, Carl.  I did not do a thorough search of the library.  Matt

@Ronan Thank you for this useful link.  The oral talk by Norman Robert was not all the way understood by me.  As far as I know ther is no written proof of the Goldbach conjecture.    For those not familiar, conjecture means probrably true.

Thank you again for the link.


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