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@Matt C Anderson good fun

@Rouben Rostamian  Thank you very much.  Your code worked successfully for me.  I appreciate your expertise.


@Kitonum Thank you (belated) for this fine bit of code.


@acer You are correct.  n^2+n+17 is a perfect fit.  I asked an easy question.

This may require an exotic function.  Maybe an exponential where the independant variable is not linear.

@Carl Love Thank you Carl.  As usual, your answer was helpful.


This is a great animation.  Well done.  I like the rocket shape and the stars.

@Carl Love Thank you very much.  That works. again    Good on you.

@vv I appreciate your contribution and thank you.

@John Fredsted That was a good contribution.  Thank you.

@Kitonum Thank you for your message and Maple code.

@Carl Love Thank you for your reply.  

You are very helpful to me.


Also thank you to the others who have contributed to this.



Thank you for your efforts.  Good stuff.

Thank you Carl Love,

I really appreciate it.

I used your line of code, and I got a whole list of good data.  I learned that

If f(y) = y^2+y+19 then f(z^2+2*z+19) factors algebraically as (z^2+z+19)*(z^2+3*z+41).

For me, this is great.  It goes along with the other work I did about  y^2+y+41.





You made a very nice demonstration of Maple commands.  The pictures are pretty.



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