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D^γ S(t)=(b-ev)S-α_1 (1-ev)SI_1-α_2 (1-ev)SI_2-dS,
D^γ I_1 (t)=α_1 (1-ev)SI_1-(β_1+d_1+d)I_1,                                           
D^γ I_2 (t)=α_2 (1-ev)SI_2-(β_2+d_2+d) I_2                  , 
D^γ R(t)=β_1 I_1+β_2 I_2+evS-dR 

u(x,t)=sin(x)cos(t) exact solution 

approxmation solution u(x,t) =sin(x)sin(t)

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