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Are there any video tutorial or online (recorded) webinar that show the details of object oriented programming in Maple. Also please suggest any great book in recent times that focus on programming features in Maple.

I see a lot of tutorials and books on Maple that goes into depth about applications in mathematics but can't find any good resource that help me learn the advanced features of Maple programming in particular new ones that have been introduced since Maple 15.

Is there anyone who has seen maple 2017 provide some details about what new features are being introduced. Is there a platform where we can suggest what features we would like to be added or enhanced?

Is it possible to view maple workbook content in older versions?



I would like to start using maple workbook to manage my projects but i can't figure out the paths. suppose i have a workbook named: WorkBookTest.maple

and inside this i have a folder containing Data in which i have an excel workbook DataTest.xlsx

and also i have a folder containing Documents in which i have a maple worksheet

and also i have a folder containing Code in which i have a mathematica notebook Code.nb


Now inside the maple worksheet, to import the excel data i use the command: Import("this:///Data/DataTest.xlsx")

and it works

Now inside the mathematica workbook, to import the excel data i use the command: Import["this:///Data//DataTest.xlsx"]

and it fails


so if i have other program like mathematica notebook inside maple workbook that wants to call a file with data, how should i define the path?


Is there a way to export worksheet to pdf format but not in A4 size since some lines are going beyond the page?

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