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The default way a prompt shows on my maple is


[> blah blah blah


but i see in many worksheets including maple help pages that it shows as


> blah blah blah


My Question is how do i remove that left square bracket "[" from appearing ?


I have a code which stores large amount of intermediate data.

Ones the data has been used i unassign the variables storing the data and perform garbage collection. But memory is not returned to the operating system for reallocation.

can somebody please tell me how to release memory back to os so that task manager shows memory release (without doing the maple server reset).

And i dont understand the purpose of stupid gc if it is not returning memory back to the windows?

Suppose i am trying to do a sequential if command as follows:

seq(`if`(a[i] < b[i], c[i], d[i]), i = 1 .. 10);

now this doesnot evaluate the i's in c[i] and d[i].

please help me with complete evaluation of this statement.

Is it possible to solve piecewise differential equations directly instead of separating the pieces and solving them separately.

like for example if i have a two dimensional function f(t,x) whose dynamics is as follows:

dynamics:= piecewise((t,x) in D1, pde1, pde2); where D1 is some region in (t,x)-plane

now is it possible to solve this system with one pde call numerically?

pde(dynamics, boundary conditions, numeric); doesnot work

Suppose i have an mx3 matrix M containing a 3D data where 1,2,3 columns are x,y,z coordinates.

Here is what i tried,

Statistics:-SurfacePlot(M[..,1],M[..,2],M[..,3]) does not produce what i want.

plots:-surfdata(M) plots what i want but only works when i use subset of the data for all the data it just hangs.

Statistics:-ScatterPlot3D(M, lowess, fitorder = 2) produces a smoothened version but i want the interpolated plot.

Please help. Here is one sample of the data i want to plot, Mdata.xlsxMdata.xlsx


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