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Please i don't want to convert from list to set then apply set minus and convert back because it loses its order and repititions.


so i want something that can for example do the following:

list_minus([1,2,4,6,2,1,3,6,2],[7,4,2,5,2]) = [1,6,1,3,6,2]

so it removes repititions from left and order is retained.

I have bracket matching turned on but donot get the rectangular yellow box around matching brackets as shown in the attached picture. Can anyone help me how to turn this feature on for both input and output?

I was using maple as a documentation software and was preparing some notes for my exam. I had a sudden computer shutdown and the file didn't saved properly.

The file now opens but most of the content is gone. Even the one which was properly saved.

I see Joe Riel 

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