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hi, replace x=0 with h=0 and you'll be fine.

just try


Maple doesn't recognise the exception a=-1

and the integration methods tutor goes crazy when it tries to integrate x^a












I just found the RationalFunctionPlot in the precalculus packgage. It has a good y-rage handling, i tested it with y=(x-1)/x^3

I'm wondering why this technique isn't applied to other plot commands.

yes, it is possible to change the axis range manually. But what purpose is this scaling philosophy in the first place ? You can't see  anything if your plot has a stellar range, and if someone really need it one would do a logplot right from the start.  To my experience,  for most plots a default  y range from -10..10 would be a good start, which you can easily adapt to your plot with the scale manipulator tool to make it perfect. Of course it doesn't fit to all plotting needs, but is the currently implemented way of plot range  Ai really the best possible ? In my opinion, functions containing singularities should be y-limited somehow.

I came up with this because i watched one of those new Maple12 demo videos, where clickable calculus is praised. They just right-click on an expression, select plot and have immediately a perfectly formatted plot area. Of course, they use well behaving functions without singularities, oscillations...


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