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Hello everyone,

How would I do something like this in Maple:

i.e. do the product (or sum) from k=1 to n, skipping the value i. This one has me really scratching my head...

Thanks for your help!



I would like to unassign all variables at once without restart, as I do not want to have to reload packages again. Is this possible without having to unassign each variable individually?





I have a set of 9 equations and 9 unkowns. These equations are massive 9th order polynomials. The equations themselves are contained in a vector called "C" in the .m file that follows:

Cvector_with_a.txt    (please rename the .txt file to .m since this forum doesn't seem to allow the upload of .m files)

In order to solve the eqautions, you must first set the values of two extra...

Lately as my computations become ever more intense, I have been having trouble with fsolve. Why exactly does fsolve sometimes return itself as in:


returns--> fsolve({C1,C2,C3,C4},{c1,c2,c3,c4}}

and somtimes fsolve returns a blank.


What is going on internally here? Shouldn't it keep trying till it runs out of memory?





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