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On several occasions, while working with lists or Matrices, I have been drawn to using a combination of seq and if, as in the following:

seq(`if`(a,b,c), i = 1 .. 10 )

This appears to be a powerful approach. Unfortunately, I have not found much documentation on it.

I have been able to pattern-guess to a limited extent for my limited needs.

Would you know of a good place to go for information?

My understanding is: "a" is the conditional...

I have found very little help about the Generate command of the RandomTools package.

I also have minor gripes about the syntax. And what better way to deal with these than to voice them?

This is how I was able to generate random lists and random Matrices.

A list of 10 random integers between 1 and 100:

L := RandomTools:-Generate(list(integer(range=1..100),10));

      L := [47, 8, 46, 44, 9, 77, 59, 16, 1, 70]


Maple 16 introduced dramatic changes to the postscript export facility of 3d plots. This is great news, but some bugs remain. Let me report here about my experience. (Note: Maple 15's 3d ps export was something like an encapsulated bmp, while Maple 16 is a genuine level3 postscript export tool)

The initial release in Maple 16.00 was buggy. In my experience, the export would hang most of the time. An improved release came with Maple 16.01. I have not experienced any...

This is a problem I've had with the new mapleprimes. Contributions listed as "answers" to a question are listed according to the number of votes they receive. This is a system used on forums like mathoverflow, for instance, websites designed to provide answers to specific questions, websites where "discussions" are discouraged. But, in my opinion, mapleprimes is both a discussion and question/answer forum and the "rank by vote" is not suited to it.

In the example I...

Here's an example exhibited by Nusc, which I have tweaked slightly to make it look more like your mathematica example.

### Reference:

### xexpr is the logistic function to be iterated (we always start off at x=1/2, which will eventually attract).
### [ra,rb] is the range of the parameter.
### acc is the number of points sampled in [ra,rb]

Bifurcation := proc(initialpoint,xexpr,ra,rb,acc)

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