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Maple is sometimes very forgiving, e.g. (this is in Standard GUI):

plot(x,'color'=blue); #ok
plot(x,'colour'=blue); #ok
plot(x,'colour'=BLUE); #ok

and sometimes not, e.g.

plot(x,'COLOR'=blue); #nok

Other example:

plot(x, 'style' = point, 'numpoints' = 10, 'symbol' = circle); #ok
plot(x, 'style' = point, 'numpoints' = 10, 'symbol' = CIRCLE); #ok
plot(x, 'style' = POINT, 'numpoints' = 10, 'symbol' = CIRCLE); #ok
plot(x, 'STYLE'...


I have data organized in a Matrix from which I want to select a sample based on a certain (simple) criterion, e.g. no cell in the first column to be negative.

I was quickly able to find a way to do it, inspired by a method Preben Alsholm used in a recent mapleprimes post.

But, I wondered, is that the most natural approach? So I quickly found another approach and compared them.

Any other suggestions welcome. Particularly methods that could...

Maple 15, Windows7x64, Standard v. Classic

I have noticed that, on my system, the smoothness of some INLINE plots is better in Classic than in Standard. Is this some regression or some installation-specific quirck I wonder?

In Tools->Options, I have plot anti-aliasing enabled (whatever that is).

This looks alright in Classic

  [ x^2 + y^2 = 1, x^2 + y^2 = 2 ]
  , x = -2 .. 2
  , y = -2 .. 2

Rereading this old thread, it's nice to see that some of the wishes for Maple 15 were indeed implemented. I suppose it's a little too late to wish for Maple 16 if it is indeed scheduled for release this coming Spring, but how about our wishes for Maple 17?

If you have been logged in at mapleprimes in the last week you will know that I'm currently going through an obsession with plots. Indeed, some deadline is looming and it is all very stressful. For reference, and hopefully it may be of use to someone somewhere someday, I produce 2D plots with Standard GUI in the postscript format using plotsetup(ps). I'm on Windows for this. (3D plots aren't so hot with Standard GUI)

I use LaTeX for my documents. I used to insert postscript...

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