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I made the switch from classic to standard largely because the 2D plot drivers/codes were completely rewritten in standard, and allowed me to export much prettier plots. This was a painful decision, because I always found classic to be more intuitive and faster. I don't care much for mouses and menus, I want code I can run and rerun as often as I like without having to remember a sequence of wrist movements. So now that I write in standard much of my recent work cannot be read...

I have remarked on this ever since the launch of the second incarnation of mapleprimes. And I recall others expressing similar feelings.

  1. It should be possible to "vote" for comments in the same way as we can vote for "answers".
  2. The comments should be listed, right there next to Answers:

And so with this provocative title, "pushing dsolve to its limits" I want to share some difficulties I've been having in doing just that. I'm looking at a dynamic system of 3 ODEs. The system has a continuum of stationary points along a line. For each point on the line, there exist a stable (center) manifold, also a line, such that the point may be approached from both directions. However, simulating the converging trajectory has proven difficult.

I have simulated as...

This is more of a blog entry, mostly a note to myself.

I wanted to generate a list of points on the surface of a deformed sphere. It turns out that Robert recently showed how to do that on a unit sphere.

Adapting his code is straightforward. So here is what I came up with. One proc generates the random points on the surface of the ellipsoid. Another proc generates...

A short remark. This would be a blog entry if those still existed.

I am comparing plot,options.

The style=point option has versatile options for symbols, their sizes, the number of points:

  , 'style' = point
  , 'numpoints' = 50
  , 'symbol' = solidcircle
  , 'symbolsize' = 8


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