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just a comment in passing, for the record,

it appears that the numpoints plot option can be used this way:


but not in the simpler form:


that's because 1e+4 is "1000." with a dot while round(1e+4) is "1000" with no dot.

There probably are good reasons why 1e+4 is not treated as a natural number, but I haven't investigated them.

@John Fredsted

This thread is 3 years old, I don't wish to upset anyone by "reviving" it, forgive me.

I came to this thread as I was searching for information on how to write efficient procedures.

I learned a great deal by looking at how others write a proc.

Now the LinearAlgebra package implements a KroneckerProduct so the need for user-written procedures to...

I came across a reference to a Maple package named centermanifold. The reference is: Computation of Center Manifolds, Nov 11, 2000, Robert Corless, Keith Geddes and Xianping Liu.

But I couldn't get my hands on the package, I tried google and email but so far no success, does anyone at mapleprimes know if this package is available somewhere?

Or some very close substitute? thanks!

This is sure to become a pressing issue. Maybe adding some kind of visual character recognition gadget for new users with fewer than 10 posts?

P.S. the kind of visual test I routinely fail, yes.

On and off over the last few months I've been meaning to learn about computing a center manifold approximation and normal form of a dynamic system of three differential equations.

My main reading: Stephen Wiggins, Introduction to Applied Nonlinear Dynamical Systems and Chaos, Second Edition, Springer, 2003.

I want to apply the technique to a system I derived from an optimal control problem. As a first step, I decided to reproduce the steps for the following system, for which the solution has been published.

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