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Below is the latest version of the code to draw iso-chrone lines and a salvo of arrows onto the phase diagram of a two-dimensional system of ordinary differential equations.

I have greatly benefited from inputs by Robert Israel (who wrote the first incarnation of the procedure), Joe Riel, and pagan. A big thankyou!

The procedure is sufficiently developed for my current purpose, so I don't plan to modify it much in the near future.

Tested on Maple 13/ Classic. The last plot combines the isochrones and the salvo.

what I learned today is that you cannot write 1e-i, where i is an unassigned variable (at least not like that):

I'm posting it here to keep a record for myself.

my second blog post, aka "the lost blog post", is here.

Still some way to go. The following still needs to be tweaked case by case. And it can be made more compact too. Are the arrows flying so much faster in the top triangular area or are the arrows not printing where I expected them to ...

funny that, how do I go from first blog post to third blog post!?!?!

that's because my second blog post appears as a comment to my first blog post.

you've just got to learn...

Since much of what I post couldn't possibly be of interest to anyone else, I thought I'd use the blog. If I remember its existence, I'll try to post here stuff to myself. After all it's less likely to be lost here than in the maze of my harddrive.

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