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I'm not sure if this might be stretching Maple's capabilities a bit, but I was wondering if there was a way to perform model reduction (through substitution) in Maple?

Let me explain. Suppose I have a system of nonlinear equations: f(y,z,u) = 0, where u = input variables, z = intermediate variables, and y = output variables. For instance:

y = z1 + z2^2

z1 = z2 + 3*exp(u)

This is another elementary question (I tried searching MaplePrimes but couldn't find anything):

Suppose I'd like to use "solve" to solve a system of equations specified as vectors:

z := <yb,x1b,x2b>:
v1 := <v1y,v1x1,v1x2>:
v2 := <v2y,v2x1,v2x2>:
e1 := z = v1 + v2;
e2 := v1 <= UU*delta1;
e3 := v2 <= UU*delta2;

Invoking "solve([e1,e2,e3],[z,v1,v2])" does not work. 

How do I convert each element...

Hello all,

I have a nonlinear model y=f(x,y,z,p) that I'd like to solve for various value of p (parameter), where f is a system of equations. This model is constrained by a set of inequalities c(x,y,z,p) <= 0.

I coded the model up in Maple in the following format:

f1 := ...;
c1:= x>=0;
c2:= ....;

To solve this, I type:

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