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I'm sorry if I'm duplicating the information here. I tried to post a comment but it doesn't seem to be appearing.


When I change = to := it does not work. Maple says

 Error, invalid input: MultiSeries:-series expects its 2nd argument, eqn, to be of type {name, name = algebraic}, but received 1.*I



I have a huge expression involving psi and phi called A_1 which I paste below.  I am trying to integrate it using the residue theorem in the variable phi. I make a substitution in u as below for sin(k*phi)  and ask for the singularities of each operand at u. But when I get my final result it still has the variable u in it. If its evaluated the integral in u then it should not return u in the result. Evidently it’s done something...

Hi guys I am trying to evaluate  an integral of the form


A_0 := (1/(2*Pi)+Q*cos(k*phi))^2/(1+(1/(2*Pi)+Q*cos(k*phi))^2);

In this case I specify a value for Q=15 as given below and since maple cannot evaluate the integral directly I have written code to evaluate the integral using the residue theorem. So for each singularity I calculate the residue at that point and multiply the sum of the residues by 2*Pi*I as in the code below. However the...

At the start of my program I specify values for the parameters beta, Q and P. These values are used in calculations in the program. At some stage I then get a list from which I make a selection of elements that have positive imaginary parts. To illustrate. Here I assigned beta := 3; Q:=100;P:=100.

This is my list.

t1a := [VectorCalculus[`*`](sqrt(VectorCalculus[`*`](VectorCalculus[`+`](VectorCalculus[`+`](VectorCalculus[`*`](1440004, Pi^2), 9), VectorCalculus[`-`...

I am calculating the dotproduct in maple 15 of two very large vectors. Are there any tricks/ways to speed up such a calculation? Maple is taking a very long time to execute the calculation and I am unsure whether it will actually return a result.

I'm using maple code of the form DotProduct(vector1,vector2);


Any advice ?


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