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I tried to solve a hogher order ODE system to reduce first order ODE sytem. In this case I have assume a initial conditions as a variable. (sse the attachment,

I got an error in specification of initial value...

How can I solve this problem in RKF45 method with shooting technique.

Here, I have assume f=x[1], f'=x[2]. f''=x[3], f'''=x[3]' and theta=x[4], theta'=x[5], theta''=x[5]'

I tried to solve a ODE system using rkf45 with shooting technique. But I have a lot of errors. How to resolve this...

See the attachment:

How to solve a ODE system using Newton's finite difference method?
How to plot f', theta and phi functions for various alpha values.

How to convert a ploting values in a graph to excel?

with(PDETools): with(DETools): with(plots):with(plottools):
eq1 := ((D@@2)(f))(eta)*f(eta)*sin(alpha)+((D@@2)(f))(eta)*eta*cos(alpha)+2*((D@@3)(f))(eta) = 0;
ics := f(0) = 0, (D(f))(0) = 0, (D(f))(10) = 1; bcs := (D(f))(10) = 0, theta(10) = 0, phi(10) = 0;
Parameters1 := alpha = (1/3)*Pi;
sol1 := dsolve(eval({eq1, ics}, {Parameters1}), numeric);
p1 := odeplot(sol1, [[eta, ((D@@2)(f))(eta)]], eta = 0 .. 10, color = [red], axes = boxed);

I tried to solve a Blasius problem (available in maple), but I have an error. How to solve this issue.


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