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The fact that animate uses subs when replacing the animation parameter with a number in the animation range can cause problems when the expression to be animated is only evaluated when the animation parameter is replaced by a numeric value. This is shown in the simple example below My suggestion is that in the procedure `plots/animate` the three subs's are replaced by eval's. Is there any problem with that? Preben Alsholm The following does not work at all, apparently because animate uses subs instead of eval in 3 places, lines 29, 43, and 64 (using showstat(`plots/animate`).
Printing a worksheet made using the worksheet interface with input display set at Maple input I get really bad looking results when done from my Windows computers (Windows 2000 Professional, Windows XP Professional, and Windows XP Home). No problem from a Unix system I tried. The printing of Maple input lines look the worst, but also headings 1-3 look bad. The problem disappears if the bold font used for Maple input and headings are replaced by the corresponding non-bold. I would like to know if this is a general problem, or if it is somehow related to the country specific settings. In other words, does this happen on Windows computers in the US or Canada?
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