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If you would like to see that the error message in fact does come up, you can get my package DMat from

If you put the two files in a folder located at "F:/DMat/libDMat", you will see the problem after ececuting the following lines.


I would be interested in knowing if you don't get the error message.

Preben Alsholm

This is how it should behave, yes.
However, it doesn't in my complicated setting.

Notice that my error message says "expects default value for keyword parameter ...".

What puzzles me in that error message is the word 'default', which doesn't appear in your error message.

After defining a matrix K, a vector b, the commands are

Error, invalid input: DMat:-DSolveSys expects default value for keyword parameter begynd to be of type Vector, but received {}

After executing the undebug command (debug works too) the result from DSolveSys is perfect.

If I replace

then there is no problem.
But why do I need to?

Why does that error message exist in Maple? There must be a reason?
I'm sorry that I cannot reproduce the error in a simple setting. 

Preben Alsholm


The reason I raised the question here was that 3 responses in comp.soft-sys.math.maple made me think that the problem was dependent on country specific settings. When I found out that the problem didn't exist in a Unix environment I realized that the 3 people responding might be using Unix. But you are quite right. I shall direct the question directly to Maplesoft.
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