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I'm running Maple 2020 on a Mac with OS 14.3.1.  Maple is not seeing current files in folders, and when it saves files, it does so with an older date.  In Settings, Maple has permission to access the Desktop, Documents, and Downloads folders, the only options that my Mac provides.

It's a bit frustrating.  Any help would be appreciated.

I'm having problems trying to plot a discrete plot for a Poisson Distribution CDF.  I followed a model found elsewhere that someone had used to do a discrete plot of a sum.  The OP, in that case, was looking to plot a partial sum of:


The solution that was suggested to the OP was the following:

f[N1_]=sum[1/(n^3*sin^2[n]), {n,1,N1}];
DiscretePlot[f[x], {x,0,400},PlotRange->All];

Using that solution as a guide, I tried this:

lambda := 15.4;
f[N1_] = sum[exp(-lambda)*lambda^n/n!, {0, N1, n}];
DiscretePlot[f[x], {0, 50, x}, PlotRange -> All];

In the attached image, you can see the output from my attempt.

I am completely flummoxed. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

When trying to print a Maple Document as a PDF on Mac, I am now getting an "Error while printing" message. A 1-page pdf is created that's empty.   This is a new error, one that I've never seen when printing as PDF for any other Maple Document I've created.

I'm running Mac OS 12.3.1, the latest version of Mac OS and using Maple 2020.

I've noticed after a creating a few documents that when save such documents as PDFs on my Mac, the drawing elements in my drawings are misalgined. Is this just a bug or is there a way to prevent this?  I've attached screenshots of the correct drawign in a document and what the result is in a pdf.

Ok, I'm  a confident Matlab user, but for some reason Maple befuddles me.

Let's say I have two functions, x=f(t) and y=g(t) and I want to fill both two vectors with values, with t=-n:n.  How do I construct a loop to do that?

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