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Why does fsolve miss some solutions?  For instance fsolve(sqrt(x2+4x-3)=-1+2x,x) only finds solution x=2, whereas x=2/3 is also a solution.


I am trying to see what is in the startupcode file by using the Edit->Startup Code.  I know that somewhere is a command called interface(imaginaryunit=j) because it works when I restart.  I cannot even change anything because it does not show anything in the editor and nothing takes effect.


One of the examples in the Overview of Vector Calculus documentation is int(x^2+y^2),[x,y]=Circle(<0,0>,r) .  I can find no documentation on "Circle"  What does the above expression mean anyway?


To the Ineffable All,

     I don't understand what MapToBasis is doing to get the results shown in the example program.  Specifically, why are the x-y components interchanged and a sign added?  It seems to plot OK, but the components of the vector appear wrong to me. 



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