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Hey Guys in the attached file below, how can i create a spatial motion (3 traditional + (1 rotational) )? i keep getting errors when i use both for my Rigid body frame. I just have to activate one of the Translational or Rotational block at same time , is there any solution here


Hey Guys . is it possible to import a Simulink block into maplesim . can some one explain the process . i already found something called BlockImporter Add-in. but it's some old maple addins and it's not support Windows 10

hello dear maple, in the following code (code attached at the bottom )

I'm curious to know if it's possible to show the product of two matrices  in an unevaluated form, so for instance something like this instead of this

Thanks in advance

Hey guys. i recently faced a problem where i needed to substitute the "physics's overloaded product operator" , namely with normal matrice product (`.`), so maple can do the matrice product calculation after my non-commutative physics operator(yellow symbols in the following code) has been replaced with real matrices (for instance, this substitution:)

now in order to substitute  with `.` I have utilized the maple `use` command. but the problem is, it doesn't do the substitution when I utilized `use` command as follows (code file is attached at the bottom) :

so what's the mistake here?

thanks in advance

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