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I have attempted to solve this by hand but i do not get the right answer+ Maple strangely cant seem to do the exterior product for non n by n matrices

Cheers Robert, also is there a command for the second exterior power or compound matrix of a matrix?

Yea that's very helpful Doug, thank you alot

Is it not possible?

Hi Doug, that cleared things up, but is it possible to start up another maplet by the click of a button in a currently running maplet?

Also what does the part "W%a" mean?

Hi Doug, that was very useful, thank you very much !!. But is it possible to start up another maplet by the click of a button?



How can i get a button on the form to point to another form with a picture. So i am hopeing to have 3 forms A1,A2,A3, each have 3 buttons, one to point to the next form, one the previous and one to shutdown. I can create the buttons on the form, the problem is having one point to another, thanks.

Hi, thanks

Hi these loops are all greats thanks!

Excellent, thanks for all the help.

Hi Doug

That is exactly what i am looking for, except the entries of the matrix can't be directly used, because they are surrounded in speech marks i think? Also where did you learn about these maplet commands? Thanks very much

That is amazing thanks guys, 2 questions though.

Where did you learn the about functions to create this? In the help section of maple 11?

Instead of just outputting the matrix for aesthetics, how can i then pass those values on to a matrix P?

I will use the maplet within a procedure, before i had the user entering 1 intput at a time, have the procedure loop through the asking process, now i want to say address the input box of the form in the top left hand corner to P[1,1], then the next one across P[1,2], all the way to the bottom one which will be P[m,n]. thanks for the assistance so far.

Wow thanks scott. Where did you learn the coding from e.g. from a specific website?

My problem is to create that input form for a matrix of dimension nxm, where n<10 and m<22. The way this program has been coded that doesn't seem like an easy job, but if i could use a for loop some how to create the required number of input boxes when the user runs the program, that should be good. After the user inputs the value, i just want the results output in a matrix P of nxm dimensions, does that sound straightforward?

Thank you guys. But since the polynomial to the powere 6 can be quadraticalyl factored, is there a polynomial of degree 3, for which all 6 roots satisfy it's equation?

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