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Hi guys,

What is the exterior product of


       1  0  3  0

 A=(                 )

      -2  3  1  4


       1  4  -2  2

 B=(                 )

      3  2  0  4

written as A^B?

Hi guys

How do you calculate the tensor product of 2 matrices in maple? Can't seem to find this simple operation in the tensor library.

What is the big oh of the binomial coefficient


(   )




Using maplets, how can i get a button on the form to point to another form with a picture. So i am hoping to have 3 forms A1,A2,A3, each have 3 buttons, one to point to the next form, one the previous and one to shutdown. I can create the buttons on the form, the problem is having one point to another, thanks.

Hi guys, is it possible to output images in maple using maplets. So having a form, with a picture in the middle, and an exit button below the picture?

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