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If S= { <0,1>,<1,2>} and T={<1,1>,<2,3>} are ordered bases for R2 and v=<1,5> and w=<5,4>, then can someone help me:

-find the coordinate vector of v and w with respect to the basis T by creating a procedure?

-I can make a procedure to find the transition matrix PS<-T from T to S-basis, but can you help find the coordinate vector of v and w with respect to the basis S. Using PS<-T?

Hi guys, I would like some help writing a procedure that checks whether the group of input vectors is an orthogonal basis. Any help would be great!

Hi, I need to update a procedure prcLeastSquareLA so that it includes error estimate information as output in it. So far for the procedure I have this:


local vars,y,A,V,k,e,i,j,v,c,lstVars;  

vars := seq(c_i, i = 0 .. degree);

y := unapply(`+`(seq((c_i)*t^i, i = 0 .. degree)), t);

 for k to nops(data) do 

e_k := y(data[k][1]) = data[k][2];

v_k := [coeffs(lhs(e_k))];

Modify the shortest path problem by rewriting a procedure Path, non-Recursion
that print out the shortest path from a to e base on the information from
input: destination "e" and setShortestDistNode
output: path : a -> b -> d -> e the total cost: 9
hint: copy everything that we did in shortest path problem, and rewriting a procedure Path, with while loop
write a procedure to remove all repeating elements from a given list
input: a list with repeating elements, such as [1, 5, 4, 1, 2, 4, 5, 1, 6]
output: a list without repeating elements
note: use list as your only structual datatype, can't convert it to set
hint:  you may use maple function has, no srting needed.
can someone help me on how to write this ? thank you
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