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Thank you, William. Your answer on StringTools is clear, useful, and surprising to me. Package specification with square brackets normally works in Maple T.A. Algorithm, for example, MathML[ExportPresentation]($f). I wonder if there is something exceptional in StringTools.

In fact, I have not succeeded in giving a list as the first argument of StringTools:-Search.

$test4=maple('proc() StringTools:-Search(["os","co"],"cos(0)") end proc;
test1 1
test2 2
test3 0
test4 proc () StringTools:-Search("os","co","cos(0)") end proc

I expect the return values

  • [1,1]
  • [1,2],[2,1]
  • [1,2],[2,1]

for test1,2, and 3.

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