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The first issue of The R Journal is now available: How do we have same or better for Maple pls? Thanks.

What is the right code to produce a sequence of iid NegativeBinomial random variables with Statistics package? It seems the natural choice only works correctly for size parameter equal to one when combined with Sample, though the theoretical moments are always correct. What's wrong with my code? Pls see Thanks heaps.


I used to receive emails each time when a comment/reply was made to my questions on mapleprimes. Very convenient. Now this service either stopped to exist or something else, as I receive nothing. Can it be resumed somehow? Thanks.

I've done a proc to produce a list of compound Poisson random variables as below, but it's not fast enough. I suspect there are better ways to do the same. Comments and solutions welcome! with(Statistics): FFFF := proc (g) local i, x, y, S; for i to g do x[i] := floor(convert(Sample(RandomVariable(Poisson(1)), 1), `+`)); if 0
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