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From the manual: coeffs - extract all coefficients of a multivariate polynomial. Is there a way of doing the reverse (giving the coefficients, obtain the multivariate polynomial) ? For univariate polynomials I know that the answer is yes because  PolynomialTools[FromCoefficientList] - return a univariate polynomial from list of coefficients. But what about multivariate polynomials?

I often use RegularChains and SolveTools package. SemiAlgebraic is extremelly useful to deal with polynomial equations. However, I need some similar to Mathematica's Resolve that allows me to eliminate some variables from the description of the set. Say we have some set decribed by: for all 0<x<1, p(x,z)> 0 where p is a polynomial in x and z. Is there any Maple command that allow us to remove x and give the set only n terms of z?

Hello: I'm looking over the Help section but I can not find a Maple package that has a command to compute the symmetric sum or the cyclic sum. I just started working with inequalities. Please could anyone recommend a package that allows me to compute expressions related to Muirhead's Inequality (see part 2 of  the answer:

Say we solve numerically and ODE using Maple. Say ode1:= { diff(Q(x),x)= Q(x)/3x , Q(1)=1 }

The solution is a procedure so now suppose we have another ODE where the solution appears.Say  ode2:= { diff(f(x),x)= Q(x)*x , f(1)=4}.

To extract the solution of the first ODE I set sol1:=dsolve(ode1,numeric) and Q:=proc(x) local s: return rhs(sol(x)[2]): end proc:

But now I got an error message when I trying sol2:=dsolve(ode2,numeric).

Is it possible to use a procedure in the definition of the ODE one wants to solve?


Does anyone exports Maple worksheets to as a LaTeX file?

All my work is typed in LaTeX but I rarely export a Maple file as LaTeX because Maple uses its own LaTeX macros that in a generous evaluation are a lot of "junk" around the LaTeX code. In practice  it is is easier to copy and past the Maple output and then make modifications to LaTeX by hand than to modify Maple's LaTeX code.

Does anyone know of a more efficient alternative than manually copying and pasting?

The ability to export LaTeX useful LaTeX code should be a basic to any symbolic math software, this is one of the few feature os Maple that are really disappointing.


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