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Hello Folks:

I'm trying to generate a plot of a procedure that uses fsolve and I get the following error message:

> implicitplot(IC(2, x, y, 1, 1), .1 .. .9, -1 .. 1, filled = true, numpoints = 10);
Error, (in fsolve) x is in the equation, and is not solved for

It seems that Maple is passing x to the procedure IC and not the numerical value of x.

I tried, without success,  to delay the evaluation as suggested here

Is there a command the takes (A*B)a and returns Aa*Ba ?

I tried expand and  simplify and also used assuming a>1 but without luck here...

I know this is very basic but I have monster product expressions that I need to be able to raise every term inside the parenthesis by the power so I can isolate some terms of interest.

I am using an old package, Janet, I got from with Maple 16.

I changed the libname to point to the directory where the package files are.

Few days ago I was able to call help(Janet); without any problems but now everytime I try to call help(Janet)

Maple front-end loses connection to the ihe Maple kernel.

The package loads fine...

Does anyone here uses SemiAlgebraic or CylindricalAlgebraicDecompose commands often?

The following error (see file below) was not caused by a typo (with smaller polynomials, I do not get them). The system of polynomial inequalities is generated by a code so again there are no typos. Would any one know what this error means? Maple website has no information on it.

Dear All,

evalf(RoofOf(Z^6-3*Z^4+3*Z^2+Z-1,index=real[2]) fails to deliver a numerical value.

  1. I can use fsolve to compute the real roots but I need to replace all the occurences of RootOf by its numerical value in lengthy expressions.
  2. Also simplify(RoofOf(Z^6-3*Z^4+3*Z^2+Z-1,index=real[2],RootOf) does not work.
  3. I read the other posts related but could not find any answer.

Thanks for any help,



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