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These are questions asked by Stretto

q := (f)->local ff := `if`(type(f,procedure),f,`x`->f); ff(z + (ff(k))):

Trying to create something so that I can do q(x) or q(x->x^2) or whatever.

Trying to understand the difference between an expression and a function as represented by maple. I thought I could just turn whatever is passed to q, such as x*cos(x) in to a function by x->x*cos(x) as one would do normally but this does not work.

Is there any easy way to do subs([a,b,c]=x, [2,4,5,1,a,4,5,a,b,434,a,b,c,5,5,5,1]) = [2,4,5,1,a,4,5,a,b,434,x,5,5,5,1]

and another way to get [2,4,5,1,a,4,5,a,b,434,x,b,c,5,5,5,1]

The first subsitutes the entire match and the second substitutes when matches but only for first element.

I know I can write routines to do this and will after posting this but is there a native way that is simple?

Is there a way to take a long integer representing the ticks in JS and convert them to a date in maple?

I have some expressions like 3%/5 and would like to get the numerator and denominators numer(3%/5) does not return 3.

I cannot evaluate it since it might reduce the fraction which will make my results invalid.

I have a closed curve(parameterized by t) with self intersection and I'd like to locate the x-y coordinates of the intersection. fslolve only returns 1 intersection. I've tried to use a finite step method but it is way to slow even with rough stepping and becomes very inaccurate. Does maple have anything built in to handle this?

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