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Is there a way, or a way to get maple to implement, the ability to animate multiple parameters? Basically duplicate all the prameters features(such as the ability to set them to loop, speed, etc).

E.g., suppose I have space curve and I want to rotate in 3 dimensions using a rotation matrix and animate the rotation for visualization purposes. I can animate one rotation angle but not more than one. When clicking on the plot the properties bar adds a slider and other properties I can play with but I can only do it for one angle at a time. It would be nice if I could do it for more than one.

It would be simple, say, as being able to set an array for the parameters, e.g., a=[0..1, 0..Pi, 0..2] and then use a[1], a[2], a[3] for the parameters.

I'm displaying several lines of equations that are all pretty similar and sometimes maple changes the order making it look unpleasent. e.g., the equations are essentially of the form a - b and sometimes maple will output -b + a

If I do sort(E) then it prints them all as -b+a and I cannot get this reverse no matter what options I try

I can do op(E) and it breaks up the expression in to terms but add(op(E)) just ends up doing the same out of order expression.


essentially gives me what I want, surely there is an easier and more robust way?

I'd like to print a high res and quality worksheet but maple has very poor printing.

 I'd like to change the font so I can print more text. I'd like to change the dpi of the print to get higher quality.

Right now I'm having to print screen then scale in photoshop just to get a halfway decent print. I don't want pages of wrapped text that is very confusing to view. If I zoom out all the way on the worksheet I can almost get what I want as far as the size and wrapping(I want to avoid wrapping and there seems to be no way to turn this "feature" off). Of course when I zoom out and use print screen the quality is extremely low due to resolution issues. [So "zooming out" let's me stuff most of the data in to view that I want but then when I use print screen to capture it the quality is so low as not to be useable due to the dpi issue. Of course if I use any of maples printing "features" it will ignore the zoom scaling so as to be useless]

The only thing I can see on how to solve this issue is to save to latex and modify the latex. The problem is that maple puts a lot of junk formatting in the latex to make the wrapping look the same which is exactly what I do not want.

Maple has a "copy as image" but this doesn't seem to do anything. The printing of Maple really needs to be worked on. It's so limited to be almost useless.

Given some intert expression like 4%*5 %+ 3 is there a way to progressively convert it to a non-inert expression(and evaluated expression)?

I'd like to see the stages without having to hard code it all. Value simply converts the expression all the way down. I'd like to see intermediate stages. Ideally it should followthe order of operations and hault when it reaches a fixed point(when the output equals the input).

e.g., value(exp, 3) will value the expression 3 times carrying out one one reduction of inert operations.

Using insert sequences: `%*`(seq(...))


Behaves very poorly when the sequence has one element. E.g., if this is a double sequence(say a double sum) then when the inner seq/sum has one element the inert visual is poorly displayed with extra junk rather than just showing one element.

`%+`(floor(5 %/ (2 %* 3 %* 5)))


E.g., rathernt han just showing:

(floor(5 %/ (2 %* 3 %* 5)))


Is there any way to get it to play nice without having to modify the functions/(this is a global problem so it deserves a global solution rather than ad-hoc that has to be applied to every usage).



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