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Hi @RitaMath

We consulted with our Math team and unfortunately, Maple 2022  doesn't support numeric solution of elliptic PDEs. 

This PDE cannot currently  be solved exactly, either. There's not much Maple can do at this time.

We apologize for the inconvenience. 

Hi @Kasp262e ,

Have you tried unlinking the bullets and numbering of your second list from the previous list item? 

Hello @Fresch ,

Thank you for upgrading to Maple 2022.

We're sorry for the trouble. The ?latex article has this note about some limitations:

and DataFrames appear to be another in Maple 2022.0.

Our development team will look into improvements to future updates and versions of Maple.

In the meantime, their recommendations for workarounds are: 

The easiest is probably to make sure the DataFrame is never printed (by ending all appropriate statements with ":" instead of ";") and then calling DocumentTools:-Tabulate(test): to include a nicely formatted table in the worksheet; and finally export the worksheet to .tex.

Alternatively, you can convert the dataframe to, e.g., a Matrix, and latex that; but then you lose the row and column headers.

For posterity of this thread, there is a note in the Maple 2021 ?latex article that,

When working with large expressions, neither the automatic line-breaking, nor the breaklines option of latex, will break lines in fractions or across matrix lines (i.e., the number of matrix columns is not altered).

As such, manual manipulation of an expression or LaTeX output may be required to achieve the desired line breaking. 

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We have released a patch to Maple 2021, MapleSim 2021, and Maple Flow 2021 on macOS to correct this problem involving doubling of characters on input. 

Anyone who uses macOS 11 or macOS 12 should install this update immediately. We also strongly recommend that all macOS users install this update, to avoid problems that may be triggered by future updates to your operating system.

To obtain this update:

We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience while we worked to find a solution.

Hello everyone,

We apologize for the performance regression of MatrixMatrixMultiply in Maple 2021. 

Maplesoft believes this problem may be fixed in an upcoming version of Maple. 

If anyone would like early access to Maple 2022, they should join our beta program

A workaround for Maple 2021 (OS environment variable OMP_NUM_THREADS set to 1 in the shell that launches Maple) is discussed by acer. 

Hello @Anthrazit ,

We're sorry for the inconvenience. Do any of the tips in our article

Scaling issues when using high resolution monitors on a Windows machine

provide an improvement?

We're glad you figured it out @Ahmad_A ,

For thread posterity, we have an article with some more details about this specific error caused by missing 32-bit compatibility libraries required for Maple activation on 64-bit Linux installations here:

Hello @nm ,

Thank you for brining this to our attention. 

Our documentation team will look into improving the ?object article in future versions of Maple. 

In the meantime, the "message-passing form" link may be be intended to link to the bullet "Using the Message Passing Mechanism" further down the ?object,methods article.

An example of how it can be used as of Maple 2021 with a StringBuffer is provided in the next bullet point immediately following your screenshot of ?object,methods (in additon to your sample code)

Hi @prldb, sorry for the delay. Our DG team had a chance to investigate and they say,

"Both issues are fixed:

a) you can pass a list without sending the list to evalDG (first issue mentioned in the post) and

b) you don't receive 'ans1' - that was a bug, but fixing it required also adjusting the help page: the output = xxx where xxx is one of 'AllWeylScalars' or 'AllRicciScalars' cannot be passed together with the tetrad as a table. So instead of 'ans1' you now have a clear error message, asking you to pass the tetrad as a list, not as a table, and that is now explained on the help page

?NPCurvatureScalars. When passing the tetrad as a table, the output = xxx options that work are xxx be one of "WeylScalars" or 'RicciScalars' (without the 'All').

IMPORTANT: these fixes are distributed to everybody already in the Maplesoft Physics Updates v.1089 just uploaded to our web server. So if the user uses Maple 2021 s/he can install the Updates and have these two problems fixed, the computation running properly."

Hi @greatpet and @itsme , We're sorry for the trouble with Maple 2020 scaling on high DPI displays on Linux.

First of all, please update to Maple 2021 if that is an option. Many graphics improvements were made in 2021 that may improve the issues. A free trial is available here

Otherwise, or if small fonts are still an issue, adding these options to the maple file in the maple/bin folder has helped some systems. 

JVM_OPTIONS="-Dsun.java2d.pmoffscreen=false -Djogamp.gluegen.UseTempJarCache=false -Dswing.plaf.metal.userFont=\"Tahoma-36\" -Dswing.plaf.metal.controlFont=\"Tahoma-36\" "


We're sorry you're having trouble opening a worksheet. The dialog sounds like this one:

Which unfortunately indicates that Maple does not recognize the file and it may have become corrupted.

There are some tips documented in Can I repair a corrupted Maple document/worksheet file?

There may also be a backup available. See this Primes thread about Maple 2016 backups.

The community here may also be able to help if the file is uploaded with the green arrow button (as requested by @Mac Dude)

Maple 2021 has an improved backup system. Try a free trial of Maple 2021.1 to see what you're missing. 

Hi, how was your piecewise function input? Was the piecewise template from the Expression palette used? It is a template for 2 definition pieces so a third may not add as expected. 

Would modifying the piecewise code that the template represents like so work for your function definition?

f(x) := piecewise(20 < x and x <= 30,12*x - 144, 
10 < x and x <= 10, 6*x - 24,
 0 < x and x <= 10, 36);


Hello @ianmccr ,

We're sorry for the trouble. 

Users are normally able to toggle between Math, Nonexecutable Math, and Text input modes with F5; however, the attached sheet does not appear to be cooperating.

If we cut the second paragraph and paste it into a new sheet as nonexecutable Math, the input type is accepted and respected. Would you be able to recreate the sheet in a new one?

We will look into improvements to the input mode toggle in the meantime. 

Hello @B4tS00pMA037 ,

In Maple 2021, F5 now toggles between math, text, and non-executable math. This makes is easier to add static math to your explanations. It also avoids "Execute All" dropping Math Expressions all over a document. We think this is good, but it also means that switching from text back to math requires an extra key press, or you’ll get static math when you want live math.

We're sorry that it's an inconvenience for some workflows, but the change was positive for many Maple users.

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