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To Scan Math with the Maple Calculator and show solution steps in Maple:

1. first scan some math with the calculator

2. Maple calculator immediately shows the solution if that is what you are looking for:

3. Calculator gives options to show the solution steps in the calculator itself ( footprint button in top-right) 

4. Or to upload the math to the MapleCloud (cloud icon with up arrow)

5. Once the math is uploaded, MapleCloud can be loaded on a desktop computer and the file opened from your account's Maple Calculator group of files:

6. Again, the solution and some more details are visible on Maple Cloud:

7. To open this math in Maple, click the blue button to Download the file.

The downloaded file can then be loaded in Maple:

8. The Maple commands to solve this math are shown, and the result. 

To show steps in Maple at this point, convert the math to inert form, then run the Student:-Calculus1:-ShowSolution() command on it:

Ex := Int(3.(x^2), x = 0 .. 7)

Int(3*x^2, x = 0 .. 7)




The solution to this integral is:

int(3*x^2, x = 0 .. 7)




"[[,,"Integration Steps"],[,,(&int;)[0]^73 x^2 &DifferentialD;x],["&EmptyVerySmallSquare;",,"1. Apply the" "constant multiple" "rule to the term" &int;3 x^2 &DifferentialD;x],[,"?","Recall the definition of the" "constant multiple" "rule"],[,,&int;[] f(x) &DifferentialD;x=[] (&int;f(x) &DifferentialD;x)],[,"?","This means:"],[,,&int;3 x^2 &DifferentialD;x=3 (&int;x^2 &DifferentialD;x)],[,,"We can rewrite the integral as:"],[,,3 ((&int;)[0]^7x^2 &DifferentialD;x)],["&EmptyVerySmallSquare;",,"2. Apply the" "power" "rule to the term" &int;x^2 &DifferentialD;x],[,"?","Recall the definition of the" "power" "rule, for n" "<>" "-1"],[,,&int;x^[] &DifferentialD;x=[]],[,"?","This means:"],[,,&int;x^2 &DifferentialD;x=[]],[,"?","So,"],[,,&int;x^2 &DifferentialD;x=(x^3)/3],[,"?","Apply limits of definite integral"],[,,[]-([])],[,,"We can rewrite the integral as:"],[,,343]]6""



A Flow and Maple user wonders why Maple Flow may evaluate to high-precision, floating point numbers compared to the same commands used in Maple that evaluate to simple, concise answers.



We suggest the same results can be achieved by toggling the numeric/symbolic evaluation mode toggle in the Flow math container(s)





For more information, please see section 3.5 of the Maple Flow User Manual (Numeric and Symbolic Evaluation Modes). 

Maple's fsolve command can quickly solve expressions involving large floating point numbers where the (symbolic) solve command can take much longer attempting to solve the equivalent rational expression. For example, consider the following worksheet:


sys := {a + b^0.2784982189 = c+1, b + c^0.9575068354 = a+2, c + a^0.1576130817 = b+3};

{a+b^.2784982189 = c+1, b+c^.9575068354 = a+2, c+a^.1576130817 = b+3}




{a = 3.561242843, b = 1.994950678, c = 3.773320855}


fsolve_elapsed_seconds:= time[real]()-fsolve_start;




###warning, the following command may crash and/or execute indefinitely###





Ever wonder how to show progress updates from your executing code without printing new lines each time?

One way to do this is to use a TextArea component and the DocumentTools package. The TextArea could be inserted from the Components Palette in Maple, or programmatically like so:





s := "0": #initial text value

T := TextArea(s, identity = "TextArea0"):
xml := Worksheet(Group(Input(Textfield(T)))):

insertedname:=InsertContent(xml)[1,1]: #find the inserted component name in case changed

for i to 10 do #start the demonstration procedure
end do:



Hello MaplePrimes community,

We just created a Frequently Asked Question article that may address some Primes questions about updates to Physics in Maple 2022.2: 

Why does Maple 2022.2 throw an error executing Physics:-Version(latest)?

For searchability, the specific error in question is

Error, (in Physics:-Version) unable to determine the Physics Updates version, could you please report the problem to support [at] maplesoft [dot] com


  • Maplesoft will work to improve package updating in future versions of Maple.
  • In Maple 2022.2, the workaround is to install and/or update the Maplesoft Physics Updates using the MapleCloud toolbar.
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