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Hi @nm, there is some relevant information in the description section of the ?NaturalLanguage,RawQuery help article in Maple 2024 about the available models and how they can be changed, as well as the following:

Note: Large language models often generate inaccurate statements. Please keep this in mind: this is not technology for building a bridge with.

Hi @willysw,

We're sorry about the trouble with Maple Flow. You mention saving the canvas and quitting. Would you be able to send us this or another example canvas file some time? We can't see anything recursive in your screenshot, and a partial screenshot is difficult to troubleshoot, but Flow is typically able to handle recursive definitions:



Unfortunately, evaluation can't be disabled by default in Maple Flow 2023.3; but the Flow team will consider this improvement for future versions.

Hello again @nm ,

We’re sorry to hear you are still experiencing problems, and we would like to investigate. There are things we can do to try to identify the cause and possible fixes on your particular machine. If you would like to proceed, please open a support request at

Apologies for the delay, everyone. For posterity of the thread: Our developers found that,

> solve( convert(int(f(x) - g(x), x = C .. E), rational) = 3, E); works, returning a generic RootOf pretty quickly

Hello @nm

We're sorry to hear you're having kernel connection issues. Unfortunately, kernel connection losses can happen for a variety of reasons as described in our article, 'Kernel connection has been lost' error in Maple. The 2023.2.1 update fixed one cause. Could you please open a support request from so we can work together to understand the cause for you?

We'll start by asking if your KCL errors happen reliably after the same commands and if you've been able to save a worksheet, if you've tried a complete re-installation of Maple 2023.2.1, etc. and go from there. 

Thank you for posting your question on MaplePrimes, Ron.

We're reaching out to you by email and will take it from there.

Hello, we've received the SCRs about RowEchelonTransform and our R&D team are looking into it. Thank you for the feedback.

[Update Nov 30, 2023] The team agrees there is an inaccuracy in the help page, and will consider improvements to future versions of Maple help. 

Thanks for bringing this to our attention, @C_R and @vv. We'll look into improvements in future versions. 

This problem has been fixed in the Maple 2023.2 update. Thanks for letting us know.

Does the article mention where or if the package was shared publicly?

If this is the same article,

There doesn't seem to be any mention of how it is/was shared. The authors might have to provide access to it. 

Hi @GunnerMunk@sleibye and @Regnar Andersen,

We believe this behaviour may be related to an issue with tasks when restarting the Maple user interface. Could you please try updating to Maple 2023.1 and let us know if tasks work as expected? 

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We have identified and fixed an issue in the Maple 2023.1 Update that seems to address this but please let us know if you still encounter this behavior.

This problem has been fixed in the Maple 2023.1 update. Thanks for letting us know.

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. This problem has been fixed in the Maple 2023.1 update. Please let us know if you have further problems.

Hello @ivanslade,

we were able to follow the ?Jupyter,MapleKernel,Configuring Maple help article to make Maple 2023 available in Jupyter Lab on Windows:

  1. After verifying the installation with 
    jupyter kernelspec list 
  2. We created a directory C:\jupyter-kernel-config in Windows Explorer
  3. Then in a new Maple 2023 worksheet, we executed the command 
  4. Then in a jupyterlab terminal session, we ran 
    jupyter kernelspec install c:\jupyter-kernel-config\maple
  5. Then we were able to create a new launcher in Jupyter Lab with the Maple 2023 kernel and run, for example, commands with colon-dashes 

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