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Hi again @Fresch,

Unfortunately, this is a limitation of the latex command in Maple 2022. The ?latex article has a note that,

DocumentTools objects like Tabulate, or Tables (not mathematical table objects) inlined within Text are translated only rudimentarily: all their columns centered. Here too, either you can adjust the look of the table directly in the .tex exported file, or transform the table into an image to be handled the same way as an embedded component explained in the previous item.

so the look can be adjusted in the .tex after it is exported, but there is not currently a way to preserve the formatting upon export. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Hi @_Maxim_,

Thank you for your patience. This problem has been fixed in the Maple 2022.1 update. Please let us know if you have further problems.

Hi @Jean-Claude Arbaut,

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We have included a fix in the Maple 2022.1 update where the sum now returns a result. However, we are still working on the issue with evaluating the result numerically. 

Hi @Krasassin,

We appreciate your feedback. This has been implemented in the Maple 2022.1 update where you can now right-click to delete tasks from the Tasks palette.  

Hi @Anthrazit,

This problem has been fixed in the Maple 2022.1 update. Thanks for letting us know.

Hi @Anthrazit,

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. This problem has been fixed in the Maple 2022.1 update. Please let us know if you have further problems.

Thanks @acer , we've added the 3rd, improved option, and will ask the Documentation team to look into the ?usingPackages article.

Thanks for your testing and observations @tomleslie . 

Maple developers are looking into the Maple version dependency. 

Hi @Fresch , our team had one other workaround for tabulating Greek letters in a dataframe in the meantime while this is improved:

restart; df := DataFrame(`<|>`(`<,>`(1, 2), `<,>`(3, 4), `<,>`(5, 6)), columns = [alpha, beta, gamma], rows = [Delta, Epsilon])

module DataFrame () description "two-dimensional rich data container"; local columns, rows, data, binder; option object(BaseDataObject); end module


M := `<,>`(`<|>`("", ColumnLabels(df)[]), `<|>`(`<,>`(RowLabels(df)), convert(df, Matrix))); DocumentTools:-Tabulate(M)

Matrix(%id = 36893490182873290500)







If this issue persists, please submit a support request including details like your Maple version, operating system, and purchase code from here: 

Hello again @Fresch,

As mentioned, the Maple Development team will look into this latex limitation in future versions of Maple. They will also look into Tabulate support for Greek letters. We apologize for the limitations in the meantime.

Hello @dholtzman ,

We're sorry to hear about trouble exporting 3D plots.

Many improvements to plotting and exporting were made in Maple 2022. If the issue persists in Maple 2022, please open a support request and include details like operating system, purchase code and the worksheet or commands that encountered the problem. 

User brings a follow up question, would this still work with:

1. A  polynomial of degree 4 in two variables X,Y can be described as 

              add(add(a[j-i,i]*X^(j-i)*Y^i, i=0..j),j=0..4);
how about a polynomial of degree 4 in four variables X,Y,Z,W?

Hi @brian.paul.hanley ,

The Maple development team are reviewing the all of the reports,symptoms and worksheets including the CPU graphs.

We find this latest symptom to be strange indeed. Is the Maple Start page set to Maple Portal?

Was Help > Maple Portal navigated to?

Hi @brian.paul.hanley ,

We apologize for the issues affecting Maple performance with large worksheets.

Our development team are looking into it with the worksheets provided. 

At least one issue they believe will be improved in a future version.

The issues are unlikely to be isolated to remote development, since our guidance,

How do I avoid corrupting document/worksheet files and/or crashing/freezing Maple?

i.e. to disable auto-save, split into multiple worksheets in a workbook, etc. has existed for some time. 

We'll see what their investigation uncovers, though.  

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