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Hi @Anthrazit ,

We're sorry to see problems saving attachments. 

Could you let us know more about the reproduction steps, Maple version, operating system, etc?

Is a workbook with a file attachment called 'C' being saved, and to where? 

Hello @C_R ,

We're sorry to see trouble with style management dialog in Maple 2021.1.

Is this problem still encountered?

If so, on which operating system does it occur? 

Hi @Christopher2222

Sorry to make an off-topic comment on your recent post, but we're having trouble reaching you about some Software Change Requests.

Could you reach out from your preferred email address, and/or update your MaplePrimes profile?


Thank you for discussing this with the MaplePrimes community. 

We find that timelimit works as expected for this code in Maple 2021.1.

Make sure to notice the part of the ?timelimit documentation that

Note: In some cases, the execution may not abort at exactly the time limit imposed, but will abort as soon as it can do so safely.  This can happen when execution is in critical sections of certain built-in routines.

So timelimit may not always abort at 60 seconds, but it aborts as soon as it can after that time.

Unfortunately, it is not currently possible to abort execution after an exact elapsed time.

For the example in this thread, we find with Maple 2021.1 on Windows 10,


st := time();

ode := (y(x)^4 - a^2*x^2)*diff(y(x), x)^2 + 2*a^2*x*y(x)*diff(y(x), x) + y(x)^2*(y(x)^2 - a^2) = 0;

timelimit(60, dsolve(ode, y(x)));

Error, (in LinearAlgebra:-Determinant) time expired

elapsed := (time() - st)/60;
                     elapsed := 1.261466667


Hello everyone,

For posterity of the thread, we just wanted to mention that this issue was fixed in Maple 2021.0. 

For anyone encountering the issue in previous versions, the solution is to use the current version of Maple. A free trial is available here.

Thank you for the SCR @SGJanssens,

We are looking into it and will consider improvements in future versions of Maple. 

Hello @MapleUser2017 ,

Sorry for the trouble.

In addition to the other feedback in this thread, installing xcode-select on the Macs may also help as discussed in our article here.


We're sorry for the resolution troubles with Maple 2021. 

Could you tell us more about your system? Details like if it has multiple monitors, 4K displays, what scaling settings are configured for the display where those screenshots were captured, does it improve with different scaling settings, etc?

Also does it have the latest display drivers from the manufacturer?

Did the steps from the article help?

Hello @Jean-Claude Arbaut ,

We're sorry for the trouble with your HeatMap in Maple 2021 vs. 2020 and are looking into it

Hello @C_R ,

Many MapleSim customers are entitled to priority support from Maplesoft. Please submit a support request form with the details of your inquiry. 

Hi @xipengshen ,

We're sorry for the trouble with OpenMaple.

Have the paths been set up, following this article? (especially the OSX parts)

jopenmaple, maplec and every other required library should be found with the appropriate paths configured on the system

Hi Steve,

That's a good question and we've asked our development team to look into it. Hope you can use the workaround in the meantime.

Hello @ianmccr,


We're sorry for the trouble. Are the display issues still being encountered, and has the latest update to Maple 2021.1 been installed?

Hi @GunnerMunk

Did you mean to supply a list of functions as the first argument to plot like so?

x := t -> 10*Unit(('m')/'s'^2)*t^2;
y := t -> 50*Unit(('m')/('s'))*t;
plot([x(t), y(t)], t = 0*Unit('s') .. 5*Unit('s'));

Hi @student1EE, is your Context Bar toggled on in the View menu? Has the 2021.1 update since been installed as well?

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