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@J F Ogilvie 
The update for the 32-bit version is also up, if you run into trouble when hitting "Check for updates", you can also download the update installer from here: 

If running the installer doesn't help please send us an e-mail at letting us know what happens when you try to update.


We are continuing to investigate the cause of this issue. During this investigation we have identified a possible work around. We will follow-up with you directly with this information.


I am sorry that you are continuing to experience issues with installing the Maplesoft Physics Updates even after installing the Maple 2020.1.1 update. To investigate this issue further, and help resolve it can you please contact Maplesoft Technical Support directly - 

Hello Hiro

Thank you for contacting Maplesoft, and I am glad we were able to successfully resolve your issue. As discussed please review the settings for your anti-virus software with your IT team and ensure Maple has been added as a trusted application.

Feel free to contact us again if you continue to experience this issue.

@Ramakrishnan We are happy to hear you have had positive experiences in your interactions with us. We strive to address customer questions for Maple usage to help make you successful with the application. Thank you for taking the time to read our post and express your appreciation.


Would you be able to send an email with your worksheet to Technical Support at We can try to debug this, and determine what is causing the loss of kernel connection.

@vv Sorry, forgot about that one. I just fixed it.

@vv Thank you for pointing out the typo. I have updated the post.

@Carl Love Thanks for your suggestions as well. I agree that the type Type, or idtype, or typeid (my preference), is very useful.

@Carl Love the Visibility option controls whether or not the CER is hidden.  This option can be easily controlled from the Context Panel in 2018, but note that it is advisable to record the name of the CER before unchecking the box so that you can make it visible again using DocumentTools[SetProperty].

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