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Thanks for bringing that problem to our attention. It is a regression bug, so I have notified the developers.

When you launch Maple 2020, it will (by default) display a start page that has large buttons for "New Document" and "New Worksheet" and a link labelled "How do I choose?". This will take you to an overview page that is also available online (just in case you have an earlier version).

If your question aims at running in text mode (which is not covered by our standard installation instructions), please use

sudo ./ --mode text

Use the --help option to list all available options.

If your question is about the Linux subsystem of Windows 10 (aka WSL) specifically: that is not officially supported by our installer. But since native Windows installers are available, I do not quite see the need to run Maple in this subsystem... Feel free to comment on it; perhaps I'm missing the point here.

The help page that you found online is merely for historical reference: the NAG Connector was an add-on product that is no longer available. But if you enter


in current Maple and look at the itermethod option, you will find CG and SYMMLQ to be supported. However, when you open that help page as a worksheet and replace the option value by something invalid, you will obtain an error message that lists more permitted values, including BICGSTAB. Give it a try!

Please contact our Customer Service at so that they can help you.

Hello Erik,

if you have some Danish (or other international) characters in the pathname and/or the filename, then it's a known problem. It has nothing to do with file associations as such, and cannot be solved via Registry hacks, and neither by reinstalling. AFAIK, it will be fixed in the 2020.1 update. I cannot tell when that will be available, but it should be in the near future.

Please see the Performance section under

First item is describing improvements w.r.t. Groebner bases.

Maple 2020 returns true for

is(f<0) assuming x<0 and y<0;

Further improvements to the assume facility are documented under Help > What's New > Advanced Math.

Out of curiosity, why do you run matplotlib if you have Maple? If there is a weakness in our plots, please let us know!

About slow startup, we have a collection of hints at In particular, I would check the hint on disabling ANLL.

If it's really the Java heap size (just a guess!), then try adjusting the maxheap setting as described at

The easiest way in Maple should be the Interpolation package that was introduced in 2018:

data := [[13, -2], [12, -1], [11, 0.0], [10, 1], [9, 2], [8, 3], [7, 4], [6, 5], [5, 6], [4, 7], [3, 8], [2, 9], [1, 10]]:
xdata := map(z->z[1],data): ydata := map(z->z[2],data):
g := Interpolate(xdata,ydata);


For proper testing, we would need your complete code, so please upload your worksheet. For instance, you have not shown the definition of R__real.

However, there are several user errors in your procs; some of them can be found by running maplemint(test) and maplemint(test2), resp. In particular, it will hint at the following typical problems: missing local declarations, mixing up equation with assignment (in the first loop of test2).

Also, what version are you running? The RETURN statement (in uppercase) has been deprecated for many years. Please use return (lowercase) instead.


Use the lhs command to obtain the left-hand side on an equation, and rhs for the right-hand side.

If you accept one extra statement:

A := Mod(2,Matrix(3,6,(i,j)->if i<2 and j < 3 then 1  elif i = 2 and j > 2 and j <5 then 1 else 0 end if),float[8]);
A[-1,..] := 1;

Please see ?MVextract about the syntax.

Please open the Help menu, and you will find that info. If it doesn't work, please provide an example.

I will ask the documentation team to remove that link. Thanks for bringing it to our attention.

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