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@2cUniverse Here's my worksheet. It has no errors, but there are better implementations provided by others.

Could you post your code (as plain text) or (better) upload your worksheet so that we can reproduce the problem?

It is not clear what "lines" you have in the z plane... but applying plots:-conformal should give good results.

@antoniojpan Please explain what made you think so. If you enter


it will emit the same warning as the sqrt(-5) example above.

@Christopher2222 Yes, it's by design.
For programming, please use the Code Editor in Maple Flow. Backticks will work there just like in Maple.

@tomleslie About observation 1: I guess the OP meant to write

local gamma := 0.935;


@Jaqr Since jogamp is known to make trouble with Maple (and some other applications), you could check if the JVM_OPTIONS line in the maple script (see Maple's bin subdirectory) contains


@yahya121990 For me, the block generation is working well: selecting subsystem t and using all defaults. I've tested this on two different machines (macOS and Windows). [Currently, I have no recent Matlab/Simulink installed, so I cannot check the block in the target environment. But the problem you see is independent of that.]

I suppose you have the Ropes & Pulleys library installed? Your model (essentially this one, then wrapped into a subsystem) requires it.

Edit: link insertion in MaplePrimes is buggy: try this instead:

If you upload your MapleSim model (using the green arrow-up button in the message editor), we can take a look. If you you don't want to publish it, please send it to our support team.

Where did you obtain that overly complicated representation from?

If you insert

sol := simplify(sol,'symbolic');

odetest will succeed.

It's still not as compact as dsolve's output.

AFM means Adobe Font Metrics, and the files are located in Maple's afm subdirectory.

Since I have never seen that error message, I'm afraid I cannot help, sorry.

If you find a MWE, please submit an SCR.

@Axel Vogt That's a good suggestion. But I guess one more step needs to be inserted to make it tractable:

expr := eval(expr,c[2]=ln(a));
expr := evala(expr);
result := int(expr,y);


@vs140580 I'm not an expert on QCT, but since today is a holiday in Canada, I wanted to jump in and confirm that QCT 2023 has been released ~6 weeks ago, and yes, it includes SMILES functionality.

If you have reasons to believe that those floats should be rational, then convert/rational is fine, of course.

But if that restriction is not given, try identify instead. It will suggest that r[0] = 60*sqrt(2) in the first solution set. Does that make sense (e.g. if the solutions describe some geometrical or physical object)?

For more insights, it might be necessary to increase Digits and rerun the fsolve command (or whatever sol was obtained from).

@Zhao_zhifu Multigraphs are a new feature of Maple 2023 which was released a few weeks ago. Please see here for more news.

@sursumCorda Those two SMTLIB:-Satisfy calls seem to hang in Maple 2023. That problem is already under investigation, as far as I know. So I won't install any extra runtimes for now; it's better to wait for the fix.

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