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@goebeld Sorry, I have no such guide. There used to be a 3rd-party product (called Maple IDE, based on Eclipse, for coding in Maple) that came pre-configured, but it's no longer available.

For simply testing the API by running the built-in examples, I used command-line tools on a Linux system, and it worked well.

Could it be that your last equation should read


as opposed to


Just a guess from the pattern for the other two equations...

With that adjustment, fsolve succeeds.

@Preben Alsholm That feature was introduced in Maple 2018.

@Ronan That‘s part of the MapleSim 2024.1 installer. For other customers, the Maple update will be available soon. By the way, I ran the worksheet on a Mac with 2024.1 (and no Physics updates yet), and could not reproduce the KCL error either.

@nm No worries, we all make typos from time to time. Yes, I think it's useful to delete this thread, because the GIGO principle would prevent any useful processing (in the sense of a bug report), I guess.

There is a multiplication symbol missing in your input ode... After fixing that, dsolve will return two elementary solutions, and map(odetest,[sol],ode) will return [0,0].

The import process runs into an error message:

Modelica_LinearSystems2: cannot resolve `classDirectory` in modification in package `Modelica_LinearSystems2`; there is no `classDirectory` visible

(in MapleSim:-GUI:-BuildLibrary) no classes found for Modelica_LinearSystems2
(in MapleSim:-GUI:-BuildLibrary) no classes found for Modelica_LinearSystems2

Failed to create the library

So I'm afraid it will require some edits to the library and/or adjustments in MapleSim.

Not sure what's going on here, but at least in Maple Flow 2024, it works if I omit the unevaluation quotes.

In version 2023, I had to use the keyboard shortcut (Ctrl-Shift-u) instead to insert a unit placeholder. Worksheet attached: unit-entry-2023.flow

That also works in 2024.

Could you check if security tools may be blocking that operation? See our FAQ page, please.

@C_R Yes, it's a known issue that some lines are simply too thin. Rescaling / zooming then helps indeed.

@nm I guess it's by design. Infinite scroll works well in my preferred browser (Firefox), so I would not see any reason to disable it.

@nm There is a checkbox "Infinite scroll enabled", towards the top right corner. It is checked by default.

@nilswe You're welcome. By the way, please take a look at the DynamicSystems package for linear time-invariant systems.

@MB86 How big will t become in your application? What is a realistic upper bound?

Asymptotic expansions are supported by Maple, but I have no time this week to spend on your additional question, sorry.

@ider It is strongly recommended to use Worksheet mode for computations, whereas Document Mode is made for publications (roughly speaking).

Furthermore, LinearAlgebra:-LinearSolve is much better than multipliying the matrix inverse by the r.h.s. vector.

I will attach my worksheet (in 1D input, which is more reliable). Please use it as a starting point.

This has nothing to do with trial license vs permanent license. The trial license does not have any technical limitations.

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