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@vv The simplification routines are constantly being improved; please see the update documentation in each version.

This particular example can be covered by converting to 'expln'.

Does the error message persist if you execute a restart command before?

What does kernelopts(toolboxdir=MapleSim) return?

Of course, it should not freeze. We are not aware of any systematic problem here. I suggest that you send as many details as possible to technical support. Particularly, the exact version of your Linux distribution, system information (hardware specs), Maple install log, etc.

A hardware check (particularly a memory test) may also be appropriate.

Please upload your worksheet (mw file), using the green arrow button of the message editor, or post your input (Maple code) so that we can easily reproduce the observation.

BTW: The product is called Maple, whereas Maplesoft is the company. :-)

@Thomas Dean Thank you. I have just recreated this on a Kubuntu 20.04 system. I had used the Worksheet interface exclusively since that system had been set up a while ago.

@Thomas Dean Good to hear that it's working with command-line maple now. Do you recall which font packages were needed? I used to keep a list (for Ubuntu at least), but that was many years ago...

I cannot help with Emacs and maplev-mode, sorry.

If your Maple 2021 is configured to start in Document Mode (which is factory default), please try to change that to Worksheet Mode via "Tools > Options > Default format for new worksheets", then "Apply Globally". Quit and relaunch to see the effect.

Does the memory problem still occur then?

Have you tried setting the SOC_0 parameter (under Properties > Parameters > Basic) to a small value >= SOC_min?

P.S. I have added a tag for the MapleSim Battery Component Library.

@escorpsy What Mariusz wanted to tell you is that we can help effectively only if you post the exact input. Upload your Maple worksheet, or post the complete input as a code snippet. Ideally, also show the arcsinh result you tried to obtain.

Phrases like "summations over some Gamma function" are too vague, I'm afraid.

In fact, all of these solutions will be valid, no matter if order is integer or not. You can easily check them using odetest.

So why not proceed with the simplest representation?

Why do you want a more complicated representation than Maple's compact solution?
Converting between them won't be possible, I'm afraid, simply due to the presence of arbitrary constants _C1 and _C2.

And what's your point about integer orders of Bessel functions when their order is +-sqrt(89)/2? Please explain.

@Don_Caraota I have no idea what went wrong in the old version (which is not installed here), but the integral is computed correctly from Maple 2017 on.

Since you want to compute arc lengths, please take a look at Student:-Calculus1:-ArcLength as well.

Just saw that this question is still open.

I'm unable to reproduce the problem with MapleSim 2021.2. Could you try that version as well, please?

I don't think it's a known bug, but since you are running Maple on a Mac, I have a suggestion, based on hints from the ?platform help page: try setting


and run your script. If it helps, put that command into your ~/.mapleinit file (which does not exist by factory default).

@nm It does work as documented - please see its help page: it's expanding numerator and denominator. Further simplifications are limited - see 2nd bullet item of the description.

For your input, it's quite clear that evalc should be applied first.

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