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I cannot reproduce that. On my two Windows 10 machines, F1 etc. works reliably, no matter how often I close and reopen the help window. My Windows 10 release is a bit older (version 1909), though.

What is your setting for Tools > Options > General > Help Language?

Did you get any warnings or errors during installation? If so, it might be helpful to send your install log to support@maplesoft.com, along with the problem description.

@Carl Love I know what you mean - I was one of those others too. ;-)

@Carl Love Yes, we had to delete-as-SPAM the Answers first, then the Question.

@michalkvasnicka The User Manual has now been updated. Programming Guide should follow soon.

Yes, it's broken since Saturday. I have notified the admin who will hopefully be able to fix it today.

@TaoW Please upload a complete worksheet. The code snippet is not sufficient to reproduce the problem. Syntactically, it looks good, except that there seems to be a comma missing in "... 2.2e+6 A_sim[3]= ... ".

@student1EE Embedding screenhots is fine for graphics (or GUI) questions, but rather pointless for programming or math questions. You will need to upload your worksheet if you made any changes to it.

As a general rule, inserting a restart command at the top of a worksheet will clear the namespace and thus enable reproducible results in multiple runs.

The location of the default (i.e. Parallel Server) Maple 2021 link (and icon) was changed; to fix this, just move that link from

C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs


C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Maple 2021

Background information about the modes (Parallel, Shared, Mixed) can also be found by entering


... supplementing Edgardo's wonderful reply. :-)

The _c[1] etc are separation constants.

However, I‘m currently traveling, without my computer, and won‘t be able to take another look before Tuesday, sorry.

Maple 2021 introduced the method option also for indefinite integration, and one of the supported methods yields a vastly simpler antiderivative than the default method:


I will leave further simplification steps to others. ;-)

@MuYi Swap is much slower than RAM, even though SSDs are faster than mechanical harddisks. That is not a solution. Perhaps the problem is simply too large for your computer.

I found this post only today, and since nobody else replied, I wanted to point out that your computer will simply need more memory.
Unfortunately, I cannot be more specific about the required memory size, since my office computer is busy with a very similar long-running computation.

Not an uncommon situation with computing Groebner bases...

By the way, here is the worksheet with your commands in the right order: Groebner-FGB-segfault.mw

To see the same output, please set infolevel[Groebner] := 4 (not 3).

@Qruze I am not sure, but it seems that in Maple 2020 the assuming directive accepted only one assumption for this example. If you remove one, solve will find two solutions of which you have to discard one.

@michalkvasnicka No, we have no detailed instructions for this exceptional case, sorry. You will need to treat your single machine as both server and client.

@michalkvasnicka Yes, it's possible. Just that you will be confused because there is no distinction between server and nodes... :-)

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