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@Lisa6 At this point, I think it's more efficient if you send your questions to our support team. Be sure to include as many details as possible: platform, purchase code, and all data you entered (target path in particular), error message. You can also include a link to this discussion thread. MaplePrimes itself is not primarily a support channel for these basic issues.

@Lisa6 Which target path did you supply when installing? Is it really empty?

The command to launch Maple from Linux command line is "xmaple" (or "maple" for the command-line version), not "Maple". Please see our installation instructions, particularly section "How to start Maple".

@Lisa6 If activating hangs under Linux, please check out our FAQ at https://faq.maplesoft.com/hc/en-us/articles/360019492112-Maple-is-not-activating-on-64-bit-Linux. Then try again. (Typically, you don't need to reinstall, but just run the activation tool again.) If that still fails, we can help with a so-called offline activation (which is described in our FAQs as well).

I cannot help with the 3rd party package on GitHub, sorry.

@Jonas F If you want to restrict the search space, and you are interested in numerical solutions only, run fsolve with an interval like this:


It will avoid some of the complications introduced by solve (which is the more general command).

@Jonas F Not in the sense that you can specify a certain version (or year), but for this particular equation, you can come close to the desired result by restricting to the real domain:



Can you load mw files via the File > Open menu item (or the equivalent button) in Maple 2020

[Edit: please ignore my question - I had overlooked your statement that it works.]

That is at least confirmed for the cases with int’l characters.

Please also consider tomleslie‘s suggestion.

@acer Very nice work! I did a quick test with Maple 2019.2 on 64-bit Windows 10. For the Windows platform, we just need to replace "libmkl_rt.so" by "mkl_rt" in both locations. The "lib" prefix is not being used here, and the .DLL extension will be appended automagically. So I guess we can also omit the .so extension on Linux, but I would have to cross-check on my Linux box later.

Update: omitting .so will not suffice, but just specifying "mkl_rt" does work on Linux, too.

Another workaround is to simplify (or to combine) I0 before calling limit.

@Carl Love Sure. I was inspired by Kitonum's initial answer, so I just tried that way.

@Kitonum While I'm not a developer, I can say that


reveals that the result is found by a rather advanced satisfiability checker, implemented in SMTLIB. That external library was added in Maple 2017, and its coverage was expanded since.

Do not use screenshots for such questions. It makes no sense to type in anything from a screenshot. Instead, use the green arrow of the message editor, please. You can uploads mw and mws files, besides some other formats. Thank you.

First thing I would try is updating my graphics drivers (again if the problem was introduced by a flaky update). Please see our FAQ on this topic.

@ismonder I'm afraid we can't help you, as long as you don't provide enough information so that we can reproduce the problem. What's the problem with uploading your saved worksheet, please? Don't worry if it's incomplete or syntactically invalid - we will check it.

Please save your worksheet (with output) and upload it to MaplePrimes so that we can see exactly what you entered. [Use the green arrow button of the message editor to attach your mw file.]

Side remark: it is not a good idea to place any user files in Maple's installation directory. Better save them in your home directory, and access that from within Maple, e.g. by supplying absolute pathnames (as vv suggested in his example), or use tools like currentdir (or its interactive equivalent: click into Maple's status bar, at the bottom of the window).

You can also shorten such pathnames by calling kernelopts(homedir) in a platform-independent way. Use the cat command to construct full pathnames from strings.

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