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My title is Chief Evangelist for Maplesoft. I interpret that as “the guy who’s been around forever”. I started my professional Maplesoft career in 1989 as a contractor trying to earn money to feed my grad student habits, like eating and visiting my parents. Before that I was introduced to what was then referred to as the Maple programming language and to my surprise, Maple immediately helped me figure things out in my courses and more importantly it made me look smarter in front of potential grad supervisors. That’s how the love affair began.

Since then I’ve held various senior positions including Vice President of Marketing and Market Development. I’ve witnessed the transformation of this company from a start-up doing something strange called “computer algebra” to a well-recognized, leading solutions company with a growing and ever diversifying user community. I’m even more thrilled at the fact that so much of our new achievements are in the world of engineering modeling and simulation which was my specialization in University.

I did my degrees at the University of Waterloo. My Bachelor and Master’s degrees were in Systems Design Engineering and my PhD in Mechanical Engineering with a specialization in surface modeling for CAD systems. Along the way, I dabbled in control systems, physical systems modeling, and computer-assisted education. I still stay connected to the academic world through my position as Adjunct Professor in Systems Design Engineering, University of Waterloo, and as a member of the Board of Governors, Renison College affiliated with the University of Waterloo.

I was born in Seoul South Korea but raised in Toronto, Canada. I moved to Waterloo, Canada to attend university and never left. I tell the Maplesoft people that it’s because of the company but it’s because I met my wonderful wife Dr. Sharon here :-)

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The new poll surveys what we all do with our time ...
Most of us are very passionate about Maple. This is not something that I'm accustomed to stating in public but in the spirit of Valentine's day, I thought it would be appropriate. Also to mark the occasion, I created a new poll to see just how deep the roots run in this community. Feel free to disclose sordid details of your first time by including a comment :-) T4.
Happy New Year everyone! I've kicked off the year with a new poll. T4.
Palomar Observatory Whenever I visit San Diego, I never miss a chance to go up to Palomar Observatory. It is the home of the legendary Hale 200 inch telescope that was the reigning champion among telescopes until about 25 years ago. It is perched atop Palomar mountain and the building is open to the public. You can see through a window, the famed instrument though you cannot actually approach it. The telescope aside, it's an amazing drive from San Diego to the mountain as it goes through some of the most scenic areas in Southern California. If you have half a day or if you're driving from San Diego to Los Angeles, it's a great way to see the country and to visit a significant site. Great picnic areas and a little gift shop as well.
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