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Professor of Economics SUNY Stony Brook I use Maple for Research: To test theoretical modelling ideas with various kinds of general equilibrium deterministic and stochastic models in Macroeconomics and Urban Economics. Graduate classes: In Macroeconomics and Econometric classes. Undergraduate classes: In Urban Economics and Computational Methods classes. Note: You can communicate with me in German and French as well as English.

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I want to remove a new (unintentionally created) Mapleprimes account so that I can change the email address of an originial account to my new address which is the address now attached to the new account.

I can find no way to do this. Does anyone know how?

On Maple 16.02, plattools[transform] only works for very simple procedures. It does not work for procedures with the `if` function even with the simple arrow definition. or with any if-block in a more general proc definition.

With the sequence of commands:

simp:=plot(sin(x), x=0..Pi);
f:=(xx,yy)->`if`(yy > 0, [xx,4*yy], [xx,yy]);

The first three statements run without error messages. At the last...

I just updated to 16.02, and now the (writing) cursor has horrible problems, especially in text groups. Basically, it is erratic or unmoveable.

In a text group, if I move a cursor down by pressing <enter>, it will not move up with the arrow keys, or it disappears and then appears in previous groups. or a new cursor appears in the line above, but the old cursor remains, or ...

In an execution group, it does a lot of the same things, but not quite as erratic.

I start with a question, but not an how-to question, because I am puzzled by why such a routine is missing.

Why does Maple not have  generalized Schur (real and complex) factorizations with reordering?  The nice solution of many dynamic equations requires this factorization because the lhs is singular. MatLab does have such a routine. At the moment, it seems, one has to have accessible and connect to MatLab or NAG or LAPACK for such routines.

Is this...

I just bought an HP 8500A 910A printer. So far every other application except Maple prints correctly and well. When I print, each (whole) page is printed in the upper left hand quarter of a letter size sheet of paper. This never happened with my old HP LaserJet 4L. After much search, there do not seem to be any setable preferences that could lead to this result.

On the HP forum, there is another user with the same problem except the application is different....

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