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My students were excited to see ODE demonstrations with Maple 13. Now they ask me if there are some online features (similar to those in Wolfram Alpha or Mathematica Live)
Consider plot3d(....); if I write plot3d(....,color=red); it will be colored in red. Now I want instead to be colored according to pop-up menu for graphics: say Z[hue]. How can I specify this? Thank you. Victor
1) How to instruct Maple to assign hotkey Cmnd-N (on Mac) to New Worksheet rather to New Document? 2) How to create a new document/worksheet in the new window rather than in the new tab? 3) How to open a already open tab in the separate window?
I tried > with(plots): with (DEtools); A:=phaseportrait(...); # equation and initial conditions depend on parameter s; phaseportrait works. All my attempts to make animation animate(A,s=-1..1,frames=10); with frames=50 resulted in errors Error, (in DEtools/phaseportrait) invalid specification of initial conditions Error, (in plots/animateb) Third argument must be a range in this case Any suggestions? Thank you very much in advance
If I have two different plots constructed with plot command I can display them simultaneously: > F:=plot(...); G:=plot(...); display(F,G); However, if I try > with(DEtools): F:=phaseportrait(...); G:=phaseportrait(...); display(F,G); Maple 10 returns an error that display requires plot! Is there a way to display simultaneously two phaseportraits? Thank you in advance Victor Ivrii
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