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I have some huge troubble with making sure all formula's wont be forgotten by Maple.

For example:

f(x):=f(x);  --> gives me f(x):=f(x) instead of saying f(x):=7

In my document the naming is a bit more complex.

I have a variable named "M_Inwendig2[y]" in the uploaded document. When i name it "M_Inwendig2(y)" (notice [-->( )
maple refuses to use the previous filled/calculated variables.

Due to this error i have copy and pasted the answer to a new formula to continue my work, therefor it becomes quite messy... Now i am trying to fix this.

Ideal all names will be M[inwendig2](y). So the first letter will tell the kind of variable (Moment) the subscript will tell the part (inside) and the depending variable will be between ().

In the document i have marked all error's and copy's RED.

Anyone can advice me? i have named variables the same way in the past, but now it doesnt work.



I would like to fillup the area between multiple function in my plot.

The plot consist out of multiple functions. Each function connects to one another.

In total there are 10 functions that define the border. The grey horizontal lines (PL4 and PL7) and all red lines PL8 - PL15.

I tried to find codes, but i cant get them to work.



Thanks a lot for any help!


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