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I am trying to modify a solution to a non-homogeneous boundary value problem presented in Dr.

To all,

I am trying to plot a procedure phi(beta, x) which uses dimensional units (length).  The code listed below returns an error message regarding "invalid units".  I have redefined the standard units to report length in inches, but I don't see why this should prevent me from plotting the procedure over a range of x (the procedure works when the arguments are specified discretely.  Thank you for your assistance.

Define constant beta:

To all,

I am trying to carry the units through an engineering calculation; however, after loading the Units package and specifying the 'FPS' system I am not getting the results I expected.  Most likely I am at fault - syntax, format, etc. - so I have attached the worksheet in the hope that someone can diagnose the mistake (it starts in the Example 1 section).  Thank you for your assistance.

Anyone out there know where the FEM library is that is mentioned in the Finite Elememt Method worksheet from the Applications Center, author Fedderik van der Bos, 2000?  The introduction lists several procedures that are stored in the FEM library which are loaded via the with(FEM) command.

Thank you for your assistance.

The attached worksheet uses several procedures to develop a solution which is presented as a parametric plot of two procedures ("alpha" and "strain").  The current solution uses some constants declared at the beginning of the file which I would like to vary and then generate multiple plots associated with the different constants. 

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