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A procedure named curve(x) in the attached worksheet solves several equations, each dependent on the solution to the previous equation.  The problem is that when I issue the plot command for a range of the dependent variable x, the equation result that gets plotted is not for the result of the solution to the last equation for P.  Specifically, I would like to issue the "plot(curve,0.0..0.5, <other format commands>);" and get a plot of k vs. P.  Currently the plot is of k vs. P_bar.  Your comments are appreciated.

I am trying to plot the solution of a procedure beta_k(P) vs the input P; however, the solution is a pair of values (k, beta*) and I do not know how to isolate the individual values of the solution.  Thank you for your assistance.

The attached worksheet solves several equations and populates a spreadsheet; however, I have not been able to get all of the equations to evaluate numerically.  The misstep in the procedure CircumStrain () occurs immediately after fsolving Eq17 for L.  I would then like to calculate the numeric value of y_c using the numeric value of L.  I have not been successful in getting the expression to evaluate numerically.  Any suggestion or assistance is greatly appreciated.

The attached worksheet defines a procedure CircumStrain() which is supposed to create and populate a spreadsheet with the solutions of several equations.  The problem is that the spreadsheet Strain is never created.  Would someone please evaluate the worksheet and perhaps suggest a fix.  Your assistance is appreciated.


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I have a Maple spreadsheet which I would like to plot some of the data from. Is there a simple way to select the columns of data for a 2 dimensional plot? The Maple commands below generate three columns of data and I would like to plot the first two columns. I have exported the file to Excel and generated a plot, but there should be a way to stay within Maple and do the same. Thank you for your help. > restart; > with(Spread); > beta_N := proc () local i, k, sol, beta, N_bar, Eq15, Eq16; CreateSpreadsheet(Eq15_16); i := 1; for k from .10 by 0.2e-1 to .5 do Eq15 := -2*k*cos(beta) = 1/sqrt(N_bar);
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