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I have a procedure that contains a loop, solving a set of simultaneous equations for each increment of a known variable (k) and two unknown variables (beta and N_bar). What I would like to do is populate a Maple spreadsheet with the solution to each iteration of the loop, creating three columns of data for each iteration (k, beta, and N_bar). The attached worksheet will create the spreadsheet and loop through a set of equations, but I don't know if there is a way to populate the spreadsheet in the format desired. Thank you for your suggestions and help.
Is it possible to execute an fsolve() for the equation as given below? I have not been able to get it to work thus far. Thank you for your support. Excel cell formula: =Maple("fsolve(2*(2*EllipticE(&1)-EllipticE(sin(beta),&1)-EllipticK(&1))+2*EllipticF(sin(beta),&1)=tan(beta)*sqrt(1-&1^2*sin(beta)^2),beta);",I14)
I am trying to populate a matrix using a nested for..from loop. The Maple statments below only populate the first column; any suggestions? > for i to 45 do for j from 0 by 5 to 45 > do A[i, j+1] := evalf(EllipticF(sin(i*deg2rad), sin(j))); > end do; > end do; Thank you for the assistance.
Several weeks ago I submitted a request titled "Plot This! - Elliptic Integrals", which Dr. Robert Israel responded to with the following code which successfully plots the relationship of two variables, beta and k, over the range of interest. > with(plots); Digits := 15; > implicitplot(2*EllipticE(sin(beta), k)-EllipticF(sin(beta), k) = tan(beta)*sqrt(1-k^2*sin(beta)^2), k = 0 .. .99, beta = 3.5 .. 5.5, view = [0 .. 1, 3.5 .. 5.5]); However, the plot indicates that for the range of k=0..0.99, beta is approximately equal to 4.77 radians (273 degrees), whereas the paper that I am researching indicates a value of beta equal to 257 degrees 28 minutes. I have attached worksheet that includes the commands provided by Dr. Israel for information.
The deflection curve of a prismatic bar can be represented by a trigonometric series (S. Timoshenko, Theory of Elastic Stability, 1st Ed. 1936, p. 23). I am trying to find a way to enter a sine series into Maple of the form: y=a1*sin(Pi*x/l)+a2*sin(2*Pi*x/l)+a3*sin(3*Pi*x/l)+... I have downloaded the FourierTrigSeries package and have not had any success in entering the sine series as defined above. Any suggestions? Thank you for your assistance.
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