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Wayne J. Bell AREVA NP, Inc. Charlotte, North Carolina

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I have downloaded the FourierTrigSeries package which contains two files: maple.ind and maple.lib. Could someone tell me how to make the routines available in a session? Thank you for the response.
How do I format a variable with the superscript bar over the variable?
Fedderik van der Bos created a worksheet for the Finite Element Method that is available in the download section for engineering applications; problem is, it uses a maple package (FEM) that is not posted on the site. The application is dated 2000. Does anyone have a copy of this package?
I am trying to plot an equation containing special functions - namely, elliptic integrals. The goal is to plot equation (16) of the attached file. Any suggestions/guidance is appreciated. View 4865_Equation_16.mw on MapleNet or Download 4865_Equation_16.mw
View file details Download 4865_Lo_p693.pdf
I recently upgraded to Microsoft Excel 2007 and have tried unsuccessfully to tie in to Maple through the ADD-IN function within Excel. A note at the bottom of the spreadsheet says "Initializing Maple..." but nothing happens and the sheet locks up. Any suggestions?
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