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Will Spaetzel is a Software Architect in the Maple T.A. Team at Maplesoft.

He started at Maplesoft in May of 2004 for a 16 month internship while completing his Bachelor of Computer Science from the University of Western Ontario. During his final year at UWO, he continued on as moderator for MaplePrimes. He joined Maplesoft full-time in May 2006 and moved to the web team in Jan 2007. In December of 2010, Will moved to the Maple T.A. team. 

Will was born and grew up in Ontario, Canada. He maintains a personal blog, dabbles in photography builds web applications in his spare time.

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Unforunately, I have had to remove the ability for users to upload HTML files to MaplePrimes. We recently had a user upload 630 HTML files that all had links to their Viagra and Cialis ads. In the 8 months that the File Manager has been available, only one user has uploaded an HTML file, so I doubt that this functionality will be missed. If you need to post HTML to MaplePrimes, you can always just copy and paste its source code into a posting. If you have any comments on this, please add them below.

I just uploaded a small change to the theme of MaplePrimes. Now when you click on any of the tabs on the top right of the page, the red color will stay when you are still visiting a page from that section of the site.

Also, when you click on a link into a section the appropriate tab will become active: Click on a forum post, the forum tab is active, check out a blog entry, the blog tab will be active.

A small change, but it makes the site a bit more attractive.

Maplesoft has just created a new promotion Tell Us Your Story. If you submit a story about how Maple and other products have helped you out, you can win an iPod. Free iPods will be given to three randomly selected people who submit their story here. http://www.maplesoft.com/community/user_experience/ Here is the text from the page: Has any Maplesoft product helped you? Tell us about it! You could win an iPod! Maplesoft is always looking for great ideas and techniques from our user base. If Maple or any of our other products has helped you work more efficiently, creatively, or just simply better with your mathematics, we want to hear from you.


Update: The contest has ended. Thank you for your submissions.

A new version of the File Manager was just uploaded. This version now can convert more files to HTML in addition to Maple .mw worksheets. Now if you upload a .txt .mpl, .m, .html, .htm, .maplet, .mm, or .csv file the contents will automatically be converted to HTML. This allows you to view the file directly on MaplePrimes without having to download the file. You can copy the HTML code into your postings, allowing people to see your text files formatted correctly in your postings. When you upload an HTML file, the file's formatting is left intact. But the file's <head> section is removed so that when you paste the file in, it will not cause problems with the formatting of the site.
The links that appear at the top of entry forms have been updated, now when you click on "Upload/Use File or Worksheet", the following text is automatically inserted into your posting: Please replace this text with the link to your file. The link can be found in the File Manager This is to help remind you to copy and paste the link code from the File Manager back into your posting. If you have any comments on this feature, please comment on this post.
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